After oxygen, breast milk is the first gift every child should receive as soon as s/he is birthed. I believe that it is the birthright of every child and they should have a taste of it from the very first hour of life.

  • Breastfeeding is highly beneficial to children, mothers, families and the community at large.

  • Did you know that globally, 60% of newborns do not initiate breastfeeding within the first hour of birth?

  • Did you know that less than 40% of babies are breastfed exclusively for the first six months of their lives?

  • Did you know that over 820,000 children could be saved yearly if all children 0-23 months were optimally breastfed?

  • Did you know that breastfeeding could prevent 20,000 deaths from breast cancer annually?

This Book...

woman feeding a baby

encourages mothers to achieve optimal breastfeeding - to breastfeed exclusively for the first 6 months and to continue breastfeeding until 2 years or beyond.

woman feeding a baby

explains everything you need to know about the human breast milk and the art of breastfeeding, in a simplified and concise fashion.

woman feeding a baby

discusses the major challenges women face from lactation to weaning and provides practical advice on how to overcome them.

woman feeding a baby

answers the frequently asked questions on how to breastfeed successfully.

woman feeding a baby

boosts the confidence of women who have chosen breast milk over formula.

woman feeding a baby

is a must-read for all first-time parents as well as an excellent refresher course for the veterans!

What Our Readers Are Saying

Nature's Superfood' is an educating and exciting read that keeps you glued from start to finish. It is a handy book for every woman be they nursing, expecting or even aspiring mother, as it reveals deep secrets to successful breastfeeding in a manner never told before. The author used both mastery of writting and professional expertise to put together a book that easily passes as one of the best book ever written on this topic. Truly, breastmilk is nature's superfood, and this book should be every mother's super companion.

Zahra El-ameen

Asalam alaykum waramatullah doc,just finished reading the book I must say it's educating, I have learnt a lot and know much right things to do when breastfeeding I so much love it reading that I keep reading Jazakillahu khairan may Allah continue to increase your knowledge Thanks for been a blessing to the ummah.

Ebenezer Rasheed

Thanks ma'am. The book is great. Well detailed and self explanatory. Many myths and misconceptions on breastfeeding were well explained. It educates on the right information needed to achieve successful breastfeeding. God bless you more

Rukayat Kehinde


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About The Author

Khadijah Folake Tijani

Khadijah grew up in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria and graduated from College of Medicine, University of Ibadan in 2009. After 5 years of general practice in Nigeria, she relocated to Saudi Arabia where she worked as a resident physician in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Fondly called "Doctor KT", she is a women's health advocate and breastfeeding counsellor. Her blog, is rich in medical contents, marital nuggets and parenting tips, beautifully written in simple layman's language. She also runs an online platform (Breastfeeding Support Lounge) where she supports mothers towards achieving their breastfeeding goals.

Nature's Superfood: A compilation of tips for successful breastfeeding, was written out of her passion for supporting and counselling women on the benefits and art of breastfeeding.

Her latest book, Wholesome Motherhood, is set to promote maternal health literacy in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

The Stampede is a compilation of faith-based short stories, packed with suspense and moral teachings.

RAMADAN MUFEEDUN: A Physician's Guide To A Salubrious Month Of Fasting

When she is not writing, she is either playing with her kids or preparing a healthy recipe for her family!