Are you feeling anxious about Ramadan and the impact it might have on your health and/or productivity?

Are you a pregnant woman or nursing mom and you're not sure if fasting is right for you?

Are you that person who easily becomes weak and unproductive during the month of Ramadan?

Are you getting conflicting advice from your doctors and Imams regarding your eligibility to fast while undergoing your medical treatment?

You are not alone!

This ebook is my pre-Ramadan gift to help you stay healthy, happy and productive while fasting for the 29 or 30 days.

Let me show you how Ramadan can make you a better version of yourself, not only spiritually, but also physically and mentally!

What Our Readers Are Saying

Salam alaykum dear I deliberately left behind the "Ramadan and hot climate" in my review because I thought I've said a lot and I shouldn't say everything, but it seems as if no one wants to talk about it. My husband started his NYSC in Borno state, he said it got to a point the governor of the state advised the citizens, especially the corpers to break their fast because some people died putting the ice block on their heads due to the heat. I hope I got the narration correctly.

May Allah ease our burdens and grant us succor

Mrs. Oyetunji

Thanks for the opportunity to have this masterpiece, may Allah reward your efforts and prolific writing. Regards to your lovely household

Mrs. Adeyanju

Much thanks to you doc and the donor, I actually got mine and it's amazing. In fact I have established a program with my kids for Ramadan, each of them have a specific objective(s) to attain within Ramadan, and I have promised them gifts to encourage them as they haven't attained puberty

Sister B

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu Sister, the tips in this book Tbh just thought I'd pick a few gems from as part of the preparation. It has ideas for self and family, everyone inclusive, love the ideas for kids and with partner. Jazakillahu khairan

Dr. Kolawole

ALIHAMDULILAH I have read the book from pali to pall and found it highly beneficial Though the book contains some of what I have known before but nevertheless, the whole 25 pages is refreshingly educative. Barakalahu feeh However, I found the Ramadan and children page very very interesting, it brought the nostalgic feeling about my childhood period when the "Irokeke" of the approaching blessed month was enough a motivation. Our mothers would buy new bowls and plates for us and treated us specially during the time. Oh! We always wished ramadan didn't end. Even little children strived to observe it. May Allah reward our parents for making the period enjoyable for us

Mrs. Oyetunji

I've glanced through the book and I must say it was great, especially, the pregnancy part because that's where am more concerned with now. The feeling and hope has been surreal that I was telling hubby that in shaa Allah, I'll fast this coming Ramadan. But the fear of unknown just wouldn't let him go with it. Ramadan Mufeedun guide has really boosted my confidence and morale. This is indeed a must read for Muslim irrespective of age and gender. May Allah accept it as an act of worship for you and bless the donors abundantly. Barakallahu fikum That food time-table too wa beautifully selected as no more racking of brain for what to cook. Thanks so much ma

Sister A


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About The Author

Khadijah Folake Tijani

Khadijah grew up in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria and graduated from College of Medicine, University of Ibadan in 2009. After 5 years of general practice in Nigeria, she relocated to Saudi Arabia where she worked as a resident physician in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Fondly called "Doctor KT", she is a women's health advocate and breastfeeding counsellor. Her blog, Askdoctorkt.com is rich in medical contents, marital nuggets and parenting tips, beautifully written in simple layman's language. She also runs an online platform (Breastfeeding Support Lounge) where she supports mothers towards achieving their breastfeeding goals.

Nature's Superfood: A compilation of tips for successful breastfeeding, was written out of her passion for supporting and counselling women on the benefits and art of breastfeeding.

Her latest book, Wholesome Motherhood, is set to promote maternal health literacy in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

The Stampede is a compilation of faith-based short stories, packed with suspense and moral teachings.

RAMADAN MUFEEDUN: A Physician's Guide To A Salubrious Month Of Fasting

When she is not writing, she is either playing with her kids or preparing a healthy recipe for her family!